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Dear Miles

So inspirational were you on your visit to us in October, and so impressed were the Headteachers of our LIG Collaborative, that they believe our students would also find you inspiring, and benefit greatly from hearing you speak.

I'm looking forward very much to the prospect of working with you again.

Colin Beevers
Assistant Headteacher

Walton Girls' High School
Harlaxton Road
NG31 7JR


�If you have never had the privilege of hearing Miles Hilton-Barber speak then you are in for a rare treat. Miles exudes confidence, electrifying his audience with his escapades, whilst challenging them to attain new heights of excellence and all with a humility and sincerity that compels his audience to beg for more. His courage, self-motivation and humour make him an absolute delight and I for one could listen to him over and over again. A truly motivational experience not to be missed."

Gary J Prior, Vice-president Europe
General Manager UK & Nordic
Philips Domestic Appliances & Personal Care

�Hearing Miles speak is truly inspirational. He is living proof of the old adage �there�s no such word as can�t�. This amazing man is an unparalleled force for motivation and I have every possible respect for his talents as a speaker as well as his incredible personal courage.�

Lord David Puttnam
Enigma Productions

�Miles Hilton-Barber offers a truly inspirational insight into his amazing adventures. He demonstrates, in his presentation, the energy that has driven him to achieve so much. In listening to Miles you are forced to consider the limits you have set on yourself, and to search your mind and soul as to what you could potentially achieve.�

Brian J Robinson
Manager Strategic Sourcing � Global Rolls-Royce Corporation

�I found your talk absolutely gripping, humbling & inspirational.�

Tom Wedge
Business Development Director
Ciba Vision (UK) Ltd

"We don't normally attend the Plenary sessions, but to miss out on Miles Hilton-Barber's talk would have been a disaster. It was one of the most inspirational, hilariously funny, and seriously motivating speeches I have heard. If I had been attending a religious meeting I would have left as a convert..."

Heather Westgate, Managing Director, TDA Advertising Agency

�It was a privilege to hear you speak at the ICFM Conference.  You so inspired me by your words, your achievements, your example, your positiveness, your �you� that I returned to my desk reinvigorated and reassured that I can make a difference and can achieve what I might have previously thought of as 'impossible'. Thank you.�

Andrew Reid, Head of Community Fundraising
British Heart Foundation

�Miles Hilton-Barber is a true inspiration to us all.  His drive and willingness to succeed is unparalleled. I would highly encourage anyone to listen to Miles if given the opportunity - his message can change your life.  You must dream big, to achieve big - Miles has done it.

Bart Foster
CIBA Vision, North America

"A truly engaging and inspirational speaker. An unassuming and pacy style, combined with a good use of humour, anecdotes of his escapades and personal observations on overcoming obstacles in one's life certainly ensured that Miles' 'rise up and conquer challenges' message was well received by our employees."

Paul Neville, HR Manager, Aspective Ltd

�Brilliant!  Highly entertaining, informative and motivating.  A great example of courage, determination and will power!"

Andrew G. Presland GlaxoSmithKlein �Balancing Act�

"As Co-Chair of the RNIB Annual Savoy Gala Dinner I arranged for Miles Hilton-Barber to address our dinner. His brilliantly delivered speech, which so obviously came from the heart, touched everyone in the room and lead directly to the financial success of the auction and donations pledged on the night."

D. F. Smurfit
Jefferson Smurfit Group plc

�I met Miles whilst running in the 1999 Marathon Des Sables. 150 miles across the Sahara Desert was hard enough when blessed with eyesight.  For a blind person the challenge seemed staggering. Miles' courage and quiet determination in completing the Marathon Des Sables served to highlight that the only limitations we truly face are those we place upon ourselves.

On returning to my job as an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, I invited Miles to talk to my officer cadets about his experiences.  His talk was pitched perfectly and struck a real chord with his young audience. His ability to overcome adversity and sheer tenacity will leave a lasting impression with anyone that meets him�.

Major Jay Turner
Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst

�The course was particularly successful and that was due to the quality of both the speakers and the participants. Your contribution was one of the high spots, and, as one participant rightly observed, it was the one that will live longest in the memory.� 

Tim Hornblow
Head of Management Development Programmes
Rolls-Royce PLC

"I can't even imagine the difficulties of travelling in polar regions without being able to see things. I once was semi-blind in the Arctic and everything became doubly problematic. Total blindness would have been nightmarish. My admiration for Miles is enormous��

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

"Miles does what he does to inspire others.  If he can take on the walk to the South Pole, then a grandmother who is losing her sight might just feel able to take on the walk to the local Post Office.  I've never met anyone whose courage is being used to such great effect"

Steve Hood
ArrowsF1Team - Head of Marketing

"Miles� attempt to be the first blind person to walk to the South Pole is an extreme act of courage, and I have nothing but awesome admiration for his bravery and determination.�

Michael Palin

�Having spent many years in darkness during my incarceration in the Middle East, I have some small understanding of what it is to experience sight loss.  It is therefore with great admiration that I give my support to Miles. He brings encouragement not only to the visually-impaired, but to thousands of others throughout the world.�

Terry Waites CBE

"Miles is an engaging speaker who gripped my imagination by the lapels, made me examine my own life and left me feeling totally motivated."

Gordon Diffey MBE
CEO Royal Leicestershire, Rutland and Wycliffe Society for the Blind

"Miles� dedication and his utter determination to succeed are frankly

Martin Mosely, Consumer & Community Affairs Director, Barclays plc

"Miles is a true inspiration, a talented and confident speaker who absorbs his listeners' undivided attention. We have all been motivated and inspired to look upwards to the summit and the future, both as individuals and as a group. I highly recommend the experience."

Umesh Umatt, Managing Director, Brook Hotels Group

�Amazing!  Miles� approach to life is inspirational and humbling. His speech to our staff on his own adventures was hugely motivational and peppered with humorous anecdotes. A well deserved standing ovation!�

Mike Rake, U.K. Senior Partner, KPMG

��one of the most amazing guest speakers I have ever heard.�
OK Magazine January 2002

�I was informed, impressed and enlightened by your talk� and know that others were equally moved.�

Rory O'Connor, Director of Medical Affairs, Europe
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group

"Miles has achieved more in his lifetime than a dozen others put together. His courage and sheer determination to succeed are inspirational.  Any business striving for success should hear his message."

Ray Bradbury, Qatar British Business Forum

�Miles is extraordinary. I have travelled all over the world and been through physical hardship with many companions but working beside him was remarkable. In crossing the 200-km stony Qatar Desert without support he never really flagged and he only fell twice - less often than I did! Frankly, his blindness was my eye opener and he gives a great talk.�

Dr Mike Stroud OBE
(World record holder for 1,350 mile/97 day unsupported Antarctic crossing with Sir Ranulph Fiennes)

�Miles is very professional, open, human and inspires confidence. It is his honesty that is so disarming. He inspires you to acknowledge your own failure and yet have another go and to think big! He is one of the world's best kept secrets that we have had the privilege to work with.�

Sian and Keith Posner, Partners - Positive Perspective

�Thank you for the inspiration, the grit and determination, the energy and understanding that you bring from your special 'view' of motivation. You certainly set my team on fire with a buzz the next morning that I have not heard here before.�

Kate Lloyd, Medical Director, Pfizer UK

�Miles is a truly amazing man whose zest for life is infectious. Those attending our Annual Conference will remember Miles even if they remember nothing else.  They were quoting parts of his address on facing change issues for days afterwards.�

Bob Drake, Chief Executive, Uniservice Ltd.

"Miles is a truly inspirational speaker - we all left the room thinking of new possibilities in our lives."

Josephine McCabe, HR Manager, BP LPG Europe.

�I can�t thank you enough for opening the 13th National Fundraisers� Convention for us, with your motivational, stirring and amusing plenary session.  The delegates were certainly buzzing throughout the rest of the day and evening and you brought the Convention alive! I lose count of how many delegates have requested a copy of the speech, a tape or a handout!�

Rachel Wawn                     
Convention Director
Institute of Fundraising

"Miles is simply inspirational. If ever one needed to be reminded that determination and will power can overcome even the most impossible obstacle, Miles will give living proof in a light-hearted and humorous manner, whilst describing his challenges in breathtaking detail. My organisation works for the inclusion of young disabled people; through relating his adventures, Miles has helped us to get the message across that "nothing is impossible", and create hope for otherwise marginalised people in our society."

Rainer Pagel, Director Phab N. Ireland

"Miles has a wonderfully inspiring attitude to life. His simple 'life rules' make living a more rewarding experience, and help you to focus on the important things in life that can make a real difference."

David Thompson
Service Business Manager - Operations
Rolls-Royce PLC

�I usually find it difficult to assess the impact that motivational speakers have on an audience, how much they actually take away with them and feel they can transplant into their everyday lives. This wasn't the case this time. Everyone, and I mean everyone, I talked to after the speech was lifted, inspired, motivated but most of all awe struck at what you have achieved.�

Andrew Ferguson
Senior National Account Manager
Ciba Vision (UK) Ltd

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